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As you may already know, oral cancer is a serious and dangerous disease that can result in death if it’s not treated early, which is why it’s best to keep an eye out for the disease at all times. To help you do so, our Christiansburg Dental team is happy to provide oral cancer screenings at our office.

An oral cancer screening in Christiansburg, Virginia, is a beneficial treatment that will help your dentist identify signs of oral cancer. With the help of this treatment, you will be able to treat the disease as early as possible, which increases your chances of eliminating the cancer from your smile.

What is involved in the screening?
An oral cancer screening is a simple treatment that we generally perform at your dental cleanings and checkups. Your dentist will visually examine your mouth and will look for any red or white patches or sores. Next, they will feel the tissues for any lumps or abnormalities. If you wear dentures, you will need to take the appliance out of your mouth so your dentist can examine the tissues underneath.

What if a sore is found?
If your dentist does happen to find one of those red or white sores, they will need to perform additional testing. One of the tests needed is called a biopsy. This test helps determine if the sore is cancerous or not. A biopsy will involve your dentist removing some cells from the sore and then testing those cells for cancer.

Who could benefit from an oral cancer screening?
Generally, people who use tobacco products, have heavy alcohol consumption, have a history of sun exposure, or have had previous oral cancer diagnosis are at high risk of having oral cancer. These people should receive an oral cancer screening each time they come into our office for a checkup.

For more information about a screening and how it can help you, call 540-257-6995 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly. We are also happy to perform the screening if necessary. We look forward to helping you prevent this dangerous disease!