Are You in Need of a Tooth Extraction? Our Team Is Here to Help.

Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly offer many dental services at our practice in Christiansburg, Virginia. In fact, our dedicated team at Christiansburg Dental have been helping families with their dental care needs for many years. One of the services we provide is tooth extraction. Why might a tooth need extraction?... Read more »

Three Ways to Protect Your New Dental Crown for a Beautiful Smile

At Christiansburg Dental in Christiansburg, Virginia, Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly offer dental crowns for our patients who have damaged teeth. What are some of the reasons you might need a dental crown? If you have a dental implant, an unsightly shaped tooth, a large filling with not... Read more »

Don’t Let a Dental Emergency Stress Your Smile

At Christiansburg Dental, Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly offer dental emergency services for our patients in Christiansburg, Virginia and the neighboring communities of Blacksburg, Merrimac, and Radford, Virginia. We know emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime, and their unpredictable nature can cause unnecessary stress. Today, we would like to review three... Read more »

How to Prevent Staining on Your Pearly Whites

Do you brush and floss your teeth but still notice stains in your smile? Are your teeth losing their luster? The foods and drinks you consume might be contributing to tooth discoloration, especially if you have naturally occurring irregularities in your tooth enamel or cracks in the tooth because of... Read more »

Start Your Spring Renewal with a Smile Makeover

Did you know that Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly offer full mouth reconstruction at Christiansburg Dental for our patients in Christiansburg, Virginia that can change your outlook on life? Also called a smile makeover, this full picture concept allows us to essentially redo your smile using a wide range of... Read more »

Five Reasons People Turn to Dentures for Their Smile Solution

Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly are pleased to offer dentures for our patients in Christiansburg, Virginia, who are missing several teeth in their smile. At Christiansburg Dental, we know how missing teeth can affect smile confidence as well as the ability to chew and speak effectively. For this reason,... Read more »

How a Fixed Dental Bridge Can Alter Your Smile

Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly at Christiansburg Dental in Christiansburg, Virginia, are happy to offer fixed dental bridges as a valuable option for our patients requiring help for missing teeth. So let's take a brief look at what fixed dental bridges may offer your smile! What do dental... Read more »

Restore Your Healthy Smile with the Help of Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth in your smile, dental implants are often the perfect choice for repair. Our dentists, Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly are experienced with dental implants and are happy to tell you everything you need to know about restoring your smile with this kind of restoration.... Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Serve Many Purposes

Here at Christiansburg Dental, Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly can use a dental crown to treat and address several different dental problems. This is a nearly perfect replica of the tooth enamel layer cast in either porcelain, gold, or an alloy of base metals. Whether you have had... Read more »

A Severely Damaged Tooth Might Require Total Extraction Before Being Restored

There are some rare occasions when an oral trauma, like a blow to the face, can carry so much force that it severely damages a tooth. Should the problem penetrate beyond the tooth enamel layer to compromise the root or socket of the tooth, your dentist, Dr. Miller Lewis or Dr.... Read more »