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Here at Christiansburg Dental, Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly can use a dental crown to treat and address several different dental problems. This is a nearly perfect replica of the tooth enamel layer cast in either porcelain, gold, or an alloy of base metals. Whether you have had a root canal treatment, need to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by fracture, or need to complete a dental implant, dental crowns restore your smile.

A dental crown in Christiansburg, Virginia, is quite commonly used to treat a tooth suffering from a large cavity. This could also include a tooth that has lost a filling. A crown could also be a preventative measure to prevent a new area of tooth decay from forming in a tooth that’s been compromised by a chip or fracture.

A crown can be used for the cosmetic restoration of a tooth that has suffered a small fracture or chip. This is especially helpful for a tooth that is in your smile that lacks sufficient enamel to mount a dental veneer.

The material Dr. Miller Lewis and Dr. David Kelly recommend for your crown will vary depending on the tooth’s primary function and location in your mouth. Porcelain crowns are often called for to restore a tooth that is visible in your smile. They can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth and look like natural tooth enamel. Gold and base metal crowns are durable, making them a better choice for restoring a back tooth.

If you have a tooth in need of restoration, we invite you to call 540-257-6995 and explore your options at Christiansburg Dental. We will have you smiling again in no time!